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4 Jan

7 Traits of Debt-Free People


Posted by: Kim Banting

Today I want to talk about debt and more importantly, how to get out of it! No one sets out to get into loads of debt, it just seems to happen to some and not to others.

Here are 7 traits of debt-free people that sets them apart from everyone else…

1. They are repulsed by debt – it’s not just a preference, it’s a passion. Some people simple hate the feeling of being in debt, so they avoid it like the plague.
2. Debt-free people are willing to sacrifice – if need be, they’re willing to give up eating out or wearing the latest fashion. They know that these sacrifices are temporary and will lead to better things like future prosperity!
3. They are goal-driven – Not only do they set a goal, they made detailed plans and take the necessary steps to make sure they get there.
4. These are patient people – Impulsive and impatient people tend to get into debt more quickly, but debt-free folks are content to wait until they have the extra cash flow to buy what they want.
5. They have more confidence – they don’t care that they may be dressed out of style, drive a beaten up car or still use a flip phone. Debt free people are more concerned with reaching their goals than what people think.
6. Debt-free people are responsible – taking responsibility for their actions – knowing that if they want something, they are going to have to pay for it TODAY, not next year, along with the interest.
7. Finally, debt-free people are not materialistic – they aren’t impressed by big shiny cars, or big houses. Their MO is to build long-term financial security, which will benefit them far more than fancy toys.

So, are you ready to change some of your goals and values to become debt-free? Giving up some of the things that bring you joy, can be really difficult, but the long term gains and peace of mind are worth every sacrifice!